Chip Davis

Chip teaches z/VM, Rexx, IBM Assembler, and UNIX/Linux courses for IBM and other commercial clients. He has over forty-five years of systems- and application-programming experience in various IBM operating systems using low- and high-level languages. For the last twenty-five years he has trained systems and application programmers, primarily in z/VM, Linux, and Rexx.

Chip has used the Rexx language since 1980, when it was still a personal project of Mike Cowlishaw. He is a Founder, and currently serves as Past-President and Board Member, of the Rexx Language Association. He has written countless applications in Rexx, including an abstraction layer for running CMS/DMS applications unchanged on AIX. That experience led to his membership on the ANSI X3J18 committee which developed and published the ANSI Standard for Rexx.

An instrument-rated pilot, Chip flies his own plane to class locations whenever possible, and has built a single-place helicopter to fly for fun.

Last updated on 23 Jun 2016.