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No longer provides training in VM, Rexx, IBM Assembler, and UNIX/Linux

If you have any questions, please contact Chip via email: chip(at)
Chip's Family

Chip has retired from teaching VM, Rexx, IBM Assembler, and UNIX/Linux courses in the US and overseas. He continues to serve as Past-President and Board Member of the Rexx Language Association and is an active member of the Rexx and VM user communities.

He acquired over fifty years of application- and systems-programming experience in a variety of IBM operating systems. He trained systems and application programmers for over thirty years. He has used the Rexx language since its inception and served on the committee that developed the ANSI Standard for Rexx. He has written several major applications in Rexx, including a VM/CMS abstraction layer for AIX.

An instrument-rated pilot for decades, Chip and Alison enjoy flying in his vintage airplane to travel and visit friends. Chip flies the personal helicopter he built himself, just for the sheer joy of it.

Places where Chip has flown himself.

(He has not flown in Alaska or Tasmania, but there was no way to omit them in the global map graphic.)

Last updated on 27 Sep 2023.